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Our Growth Strategy

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We believe a person can only grow spiritually while in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

We do this by loving, following and serving Jesus now.

The mean way we grow and maintain growth is by developing the biblical historic habits of Jesus' disciples.

Oamaru Elim Churches growth stragegy

  • Growing in Jesus - by developing a personal one on one prayer life with Jesus, studing his teaching in the bible and then appling it to life you will grow.

  • Growing in Church - by attending regular Sunday Church services where you can worship with others, pray, listen to biblical teaching,  sharing in Communion, and being Baptised, giving to the church needs is essental for growth.

  • Growing in Life Group - by connecting with other belivers helps us grow together. This is where we build each up in friendship by encourage one another, praying for each other in life's up's and down's.

  • Growing in Team - Discovering our God given spiritual gifts and serving others with others, grows us. Its about loving others just as Jesus has loved and serves us. There is a Church Ministry Team that suits your personality, strengths and gifts. See 'Get involved' to discover a team for you. 

  • Growing with LeadershipConnecting and being led by an empowered mature Christian leader helps us grow.  Our leaders are he to serving and help you reach christians maturity. Also having a Christian Mentor will help you grow through the many challenges in this christian life.


NOTE: Attending a Growth Track Course will explain and help you discover your next step in the growth process.  

All this and more will assist you in the process of your personal growth and our church community grow as we all are in relationship with God through Jesus Christ


Please contact us today so we can help you start your growth pathway.


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