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Life Groups

Love - Follow - Serve

We believe maturity in Christ is achievable when we are in a relational environment such as a Life Groups.

Life group is where love is expressed in relationship with each other, while we encourage everyone to follow Jesus teaching, while serving to help others do the same so we all experience transformational growth and find great purpose.

Life Groups


Grow Groups: They help people grow together to maturity in Jesus Christ. The style of each group is unique, while the purpose is the same, friendship, learning biblical truths and how it applies to our lives. They usually meet in someone's home, on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Interest Groups: They gather people in around a common interest and can differ in size depending on the interest of the groups. The groups main reason for gathering together is friendship, support, and doing life together, so we can influence other. eg: running group, book readers, outdoors and sports.

Project Groups:  They help by serving where there is a need in a community. This is a great opportunity for the anyone to initiate an idea and influence others for Christ through practical service and meeting needs. In New Zealand and the Nations.

Examples: CAP Money, Craft for mission and overseas mission projects. 

Overseas Project Group: This is normally a whole church mission project. The group will gather to achieve on the long or short term for the purpose of making a difference globally.

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