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Mentor to Mentored Purpose:
To encourage and develop Christ-like transformational growth by empowering an increased love for God and others. To help the mentored discover and live out the biblical character and ways of Jesus Christ. 

Meet, Mature & Motivate
When we meet together we will help to mature and motivate each other to be more Christ-like and fulfil God’s purpose for our life. 

This is why we've developed a simple outline to help support and love one another.  See Mentoring cards below. 

What is a mentor like? A spiritual big brother/sister or parent helping someone reach their full potential in Christ.

Overall meeting format
Meet: Set regular time eg: weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
Mature: Open in prayer - Debrief by covering the last meeting's goals or issues - Then cover the ‘Love, Follow and Serve questions outlined and discussing any biblical truths, insight or advice that could help empower your further growth.
Motivate: Write down and set goals, prayer points or any truth gained, then pray to close.  Should take approximately 1 hour.


What happens in a meetings?
Prayer, discussion, advice, support, accountability and goal setting, 
A mentor will help empower the mentee to build healthy biblical relationships. Eg: To grow in prayer, worship, Bible study, serving in ministry and in sharing the gospel with others, empowering strengthens and spiritual gifts. 
Mentoring naturally creates spiritual transformation in the process of doing life together.  Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. So if someone is meeting up and asking the right questions then a sharpening in maturity, motivation and growth can take place. Jesus said in  John 13:34 Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. Therefore these mentoring meetings create a network of loving Christian discipleship and support that will produce stronger believers in the church. 
We believe this is an important part of our church discipleship strategy for growth.


How to apply?
Simply fill in a Contact Card, or Email the church by stating your intention to be a mentor or to be mentored. The church will organise a meeting with you and start the process. 

Disclaimer: It is at the churches discretion to who can officially mentor for the Oamaru Elim Church.


Mentoring Cards

Mentoring cards 8.png
Mentoring cards 8 (1).png
Elim - Mentor Program

Elim - Mentor Program

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